Track3 is a born-ambitious company that mainly consults and connects. Consults investors, and connects them with governments, startups, promising companies, media, and local partners.

Track3 is built on scientific and ethical approach, attention to details and providing the client with an honest, objective and balanced opinion.

We offer multiple services including:

  • Economic Research and Market Studies
  • Investment Strategy Advice
  • Match making & Investment Alliances
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Government Relations
  • Facilitation
  • Providing access to African markets
  • Media Strategies and campaigns
  • Training

Track3 aims to have direct impact on the enhancement of our clients reach and engagement through digital and traditional media. We also utilize our knowledge and network to help startups and small companies getting investments to expand and make their business a great success. In addition, as well as providing them with basic training on presentation and negotiation skills based on our practical experiences in business and diplomacy.

Track3 has a wide global network in several fields, and a great team of well connected partners, good listeners, creative thinkers, passionate speakers, qualified professionals, and talented researchers.




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