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Promoting and Supporting Egyptian Startups

We support Egyptian startups and small companies in their fundraising endeavors to find the right angel investors, as well as corporate and individual partners that correspond to their need to expand and capitalize on the success they have achieved at that point in their journey. In addition, we provide them with basic training on idea […]
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Economic and Market Studies

The key part of a business plan is learning and understanding market insights. We provide our clients with quantitative and qualitative assessments of the market, with a zoomed-in perspective on the client’s particular business, both in volume and in value. Promoting and Supporting Egyptian Startups Read more Promoting and Supporting Egyptian Startups Ensuring Access to […]
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Ensuring Access to African Markets

Our team has an exceptionally outstanding network in Africa. Mobilizing our wide reach and resources, we easily tap into this diverse network to assist all entities willing to invest in the continent. Field visits to relevant African countries is another service we offer to investors who wish to explore potential investment opportunities more closely and […]
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Organizing Thematic Events

Starting from the creative theme and idea, to implementation and coverage, we handle the content of the event with the organizing entity, assisting and implementing every stage from preparation to end. This includes drafting concept papers, phrasing, designing and printing invitations, proposing speakers and guest lists, agenda, topics, readings, media representation until the final feedback […]
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Media Strategy and Campaigns

Our team has worked closely with leading top tier media platforms representing local and international, state-owned and independent companies in the media and entertainment spectrum. Our media strategies have had a direct impact on the enhancement of our clients’ reach and engagement in the traditional and digital media sphere. We provide our clients with comprehensive […]
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Investment Strategy Advice

Most investors fall between accepting some risk or withdrawing from the market. Alternately, we provide all sets of guiding rules, behaviors, and procedures designed to guide the investors’ selection of an investment portfolio. We properly introduce our clients to the investment scene in Egypt and the region. Promoting and Supporting Egyptian Startups We can provide […]
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Match making and Investment Alliances

Employing our strong network, we work with companies and startups seeking strategic partnerships and/or investments to grow their businesses. We also provide investment bodies with the detailed, in-depth lists of business cases and success stories necessary for informed decisions. This comes with our direct support to the process of selecting promising startups and companies worthy […]
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Providing Technical Consultancy to International Organizations

We work with multiple international organizations on a number of projects either as tenders’ winners or direct advisors. We form capable and experienced team for each project we implement, and we take into account in this formation creating the balance between intense relevant experience and creativity. Organizing Thematic Events We can provide you business with […]
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Political Risk Analysis

We offer honest and realistic assessment of the political situation in the region, and the political aspects related to clients’ businesses, and in that manner, support their decision-making process. Our political experts enable investors to see the entire picture prior to their engagement. Promoting and Supporting Egyptian Startups We can provide you business with house […]
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Government Relations

Access to high level government officials opens limitless business opportunities and aligns your strategy to national policies. This is where Track 3 plays a key role to give our clients access to constructive meetings with relevant government stakeholders to discuss the future of their business and receive informed insight on the best areas for their […]
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